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Rebecca & Andrew Beck; Founders

About The Wolfpack:

Since 2018, our mission has been to be an asset to our Northern Colorado communities and a support system for families through professional and quality martial arts instruction. We inspire students of all ages to better themselves both physically and mentally and grow to become skilled in Tae Kwon Do and in life.

Our Five Key Principles


Becks’ Wolfpack is a community built with shared passion in Taekwondo, but goes far beyond just kicking and punching. Students like you become pack members and our programs are designed to support everyone of all ages in everytime in life. When you join the Becks, you join a community, Welcome to the Pack!


Through mastery of Taekwondo techniques and the achievement of personal milestones, you develop a profound sense of self-confidence as you study with us. This confidence, born from recognizing you own capabilities and resilience, enables you to face life's challenges with courage and determination.


By nurturing leadership qualities you, we empower everyone to not only guide and inspire peers within the academy but to also emerge as positive influences in our communities. Leadership built on the foundations of martial arts values shapes responsible, compassionate individuals ready to make positive differences in the world around us.


Becks Taekwondo exposes you to a supportive culture and environment where students face truths about ourselves and our own capacities. Training with integrity helps reinforce the importance of truth in and respect in all aspects of our lives, especially when no one is in the room with you watching.


When you are a student at Becks we help you grow physically and mentally to prepare for life’s stages up ahead. Everyone begins Taekwondo at Becks on their own path, and we help you along the path whatever you need, when you need it. Character development traits like boosted confidence and improved self-esteem is how we like to help you grow. Your physical strength and health is an area that Taekwondo will always help you grow, no matter you age or length of time you’re with us; every student is capable of continued growth at Becks Martial Arts.



Ages 4-6

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Becks' Taekwondo Tigers is a Top Rated program consisting of 30 minute classes 2 days a week focusing on body movement, character building, and fun! Complimenting early childhood and kindergarten years by improving focus, listening skills, self-control, and so much more! Read what other parents have to say!

“I can't say enough good things about Becks Martial Arts. It has been a wonderful experience watching my two kids grow as they learn the principles of Taekwondo and become more confident and strong. Mr. and Mrs. Beck have been terrific to work with. Very grateful to have found this pack.”


Ages 7-12

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Becks' junior students fall in love with Taekwondo! Your child will love learning how to kick, break boards, and learn to defend themselves and each other. Raising kids today can be tough! But when you send your kids to us, you join a community that is going to uplift and support both kids AND their parents. We know any kid’s activity is an investment; and that is why Becks is dedicated at the core of our school culture to return your investment in more ways than just a fun activity for the kids. And if you are thinking of transferring from another school, we will not make you start over at white belt!

We know any kid’s activity is an investment; all of our black belts are certified by the Korean government and are valid anywhere in the world! Check out this review from one of our junior’s parents:

“I highly recommend Becks'! Mr and Mrs Beck are truly amazing at working with every kid and have created a wonderful place to train in taekwondo. Our kids had no martial arts experience before starting with the Becks. Because of their dedicated coaching, our kids have grown incredibly in their confidence, character, and athleticism over the past 2 years they’ve trained with the Becks. Plus, Mr and Mrs Beck are just great people. They’ve cultivated a community between the students and families that attend Becks. We love going here!”

Teens & Adults

Ages 13+

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Adult Taekwondo at Becks is about your personal goals, and weaving time in for yourself in a very demanding world of routine patterns and behavior. Taekwondo for many adults is a return to the art from years past, or for some it's accepting that now is actually the best time to do what you’ve always wanted for yourself; taking martial arts classes and learning to defend yourself. You do not need any experience or intimidating levels of athleticism to get started. And as we train alongside you, we can tell you that there will always be a voice excusing you from trying, and we’re here to be the voice telling you to keep believing in what is always possible. Think of training at Becks as an investment in yourself. You deserve it, and you will see a few important returns on your investment!

Check out this review from one of our adult students:

“Mr. and Mrs. Beck are the most phenomenal instructors. I am proud to have them as role models to my son as he learns the value of honesty, respect, and integrity in every interaction them. Martial Arts has provided structure and a physical outlet that has literally changed his life. I have joined the program, as well, not only for the amazing workouts, but for the community that the Becks are building.”

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