About The Wolfpack

Inspiring students of all ages to grow physically and mentally
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Growth: Physical and Mental

Welcome to the Wolf Pack

Welcome to the heart of Northern Colorado's most distinguished martial arts family – where joining us means you’re part of the Wolf Pack, the best martial arts community. Here at Becks' Martial Arts, our journey isn't just about the kicks and punches; it's about forging character, nurturing growth, and building a fellowship that lasts a lifetime. When you step through our doors, you're not just learning Taekwondo; you're embarking on a transformative journey with a supportive pack beside you every step of the way.

Wolfpack Founders Andrew and Rebecca Beck grew up in Taekwondo schools and bring a lifetime of experience to their craft. share their expertise in Taekwondo but also their passion for seeing every member thrive—both on the mats and in life. It's more than just martial arts; it's a path to becoming your best self, armed with confidence, discipline, and the strength to lead.

So, to you seeking not just a class but a community and not just lessons but life skills, we say: welcome home. Welcome to a place where families grow stronger, individuals shine brighter, and the spirit of Taekwondo unites us all. Welcome to Becks' Martial Arts, where every class is a step towards greatness, and every member is family. Together, as the Wolf Pack, we're not just practicing martial arts; we're crafting a legacy of excellence, respect, and camaraderie.

Join us and discover the power of the pack. The journey begins here, with us, today.
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Our Five Key Principles


Becks’ Wolfpack is a community built with shared passion in Taekwondo, but goes far beyond just kicking and punching. Students like you become pack members and our programs are designed to support everyone of all ages in everytime in life. When you join the Becks, you join a community, Welcome to the Pack!


Through mastery of Taekwondo techniques and the achievement of personal milestones, you develop a profound sense of self-confidence as you study with us. This confidence, born from recognizing you own capabilities and resilience, enables you to face life's challenges with courage and determination.


By nurturing leadership qualities you, we empower everyone to not only guide and inspire peers within the academy but to also emerge as positive influences in our communities. Leadership built on the foundations of martial arts values shapes responsible, compassionate individuals ready to make positive differences in the world around us.


Becks Taekwondo exposes you to a supportive culture and environment where students face truths about ourselves and our own capacities. Training with integrity helps reinforce the importance of truth in and respect in all aspects of our lives, especially when no one is in the room with you watching.


When you are a student at Becks we help you grow physically and mentally to prepare for life’s stages up ahead. Everyone begins Taekwondo at Becks on their own path, and we help you along the path whatever you need, when you need it. Character development traits like boosted confidence and improved self-esteem is how we like to help you grow. Your physical strength and health is an area that Taekwondo will always help you grow, no matter you age or length of time you’re with us; every student is capable of continued growth at Becks Martial Arts.

What You Get

A black belt degree

A black belt degree from Becks is a valuable addition on any college application and job resume, and is recognized by every Taekwondo school around the world! Mr. & Mrs. Beck has a goal for every child, teenage, and adult student who ties on a white belt for the first time, and that is to earn a Taekwondo black belt and use the personal growth that Taekwondo provides, and excel in school, work, family, and life. A Taekwondo black belt earned at Becks Martial Arts is certified by Kukkiwon: The World Headquarters of Taekwondo in South Korea, and the Becks have awarded many to students just like you!

Improved mental and physical health

Regular Taekwondo training at Becks, accomplished by attending classes with our skilled Certified Taekwondo Instructors, is designed to produce results in any student's development and well-being overtime. The products of training with Becks range from improved mental health to improved flexibility and physical strength. Character development in areas of respect, self- control, self- esteem, and confidence are products of our programs in particular.

Knowing how and when to protect yourself

Becoming more confident, strong, and earning black belts aside, Becks’ students learn to protect themselves, and understand that they themselves are worth protecting. Perhaps the biggest return on your investment is that in our program you learn self-defense and have an education in staying as safe as we can in this world!