Additional Programs and Offerings

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Kids Birthday Parties

Spend your party day with us! We’ll organize and run everything and all you have to do is bring the cake! Parties include games, decorations, pizza, and drinks, and a special cake cutting ceremony with a real ninja sword! Invite your friends and let's celebrate together! Contact us to ask more about our parties and book with us this year!

Summer Camps

Summer time at Becks Martial Arts is more fun with summer camps! For two weeks every summer, we spend all day playing games, learning taekwondo tricks, having nerf battles, visiting swimming pools, enjoying ice cream days, going on bike rides and so much more! Led by black belt instructors and student camp counselors, your child is with us all day safely enjoying Colorado’s best outdoor season of the year! And come into classes in the evening to keep up your taekwondo!

Parents Night Outs

Parents need our breaks and Becks’ Parents Night Outs are a school favorite for kids, and parents. Drop off your kids for a few hours while we entertain with games, movies, dinner, and other themes throughout the year! These nights are fun and friendship forming social events where Taekwondo rules are still followed and everyone has a great time!

Competition Circuit and National Title Championships for Black Belts

Beck Martial Arts competes in tournaments across Colorado throughout the competition season. Tournaments provide unique views into ourselves and how we handle pressure, winning and losing. Competition is not for everybody, and sometimes we’re not sure until we try! Becks proudly participates with The United World Taekwondo Association’s Black Belt National Title Competition season. Students enjoy traveling and earning points in competition and are motivated by winning the season's gold medal and title of National Champion. Find out more about this program at

Junior Leadership Program

Becks’ Junior Leadership group meets in a class called Leader Training. Students who elect into this program go beyond Taekwondo, and begin putting their mental and character training to the test. Students begin to stand in front of their peer group and practice leading exercises and working to articulate their public voices. The class also covers important topics such as leadership and integrity in friendships, bullying, family life, and goal setting to name a few of many topics the class covers.

Instructor Trainee Program

Becks Martial Arts provides a teaching certification through The United World Taekwondo Association. Interested black belt students who seek a future in teaching Taekwondo work through the trainee instructor program to become certified to teach Taekwondo worldwide. Led by Mr. and Mrs. Beck, this program is an internship/employment opportunity that provides Top Rated teacher training and leadership responsibilities. Many teen and adult students work in their academic and career fields while earning this certification for resume and applications throughout their lives.

Private Individual and Group Instruction

Becks Martial Arts believes in creating training environments that work for everybody. Whether students want a little extra attention to help accomplish their goals or are a part of small groups from various communities such as homeschool education groups, specific social clubs, or are someone who requires a quieter and more focused learning environment than the energetic afternoon and evening classes, our private lessons and group lessons are a great way to tailor your own practice to your specific needs and desires. You will work one on one from the ground up scheduling class times that work for you and a curriculum that helps meets your specific needs. Contact us to find out more!