Adult Student of the Cycle – Chuck Hancock:
Chuck, a Florida native, heard the siren song of Colorado in the early 2000’s. Being outdoor enthusiasts, he and his wife fell in love with this beautiful state and put down roots in 2005, spending a few years playing all over the state with all the outdoor activities, then starting a family soon after. Chuck joined taekwondo several years ago as a way to cross train while spending time with his son and now his daughter joins them in the fun!  As a therapist who works both indoors and in the wilderness frequently coaching others in nature based work and mindfulness practices, he enjoys the full engagement of focus of the mind, body, physical effort, balance, and interpersonal dynamics that are required on the mats. Chuck recently earned his black belt and is eager to deepen into his study of martial arts.   His life informs his martial arts and martial arts informs his life