About Axtin Henderson: Axtin is a 3rd grader at Range View elementary school. He is a friendly, funny, and above all, kind person. Axtin joined Taekwondo in 2016 and has been persistent in his journey toward black belt, ever since. A broken arm delayed his black belt testing, but Axtin has been tireless in his recovery and training after surgery! He will test for his black belt in Reno, NV in October.

Aside from Taekwondo, Axtin enjoys all sports, building with Legos, and being outside!

Instructor Notes: Axtin was selected as our student of the month because of his courageous spirit. Despite facing challenging obstacles for someone his age, Axtin has been indefatigable in his training. Even after having surgery for a broken arm he kept his commitments and was present at every class he was scheduled to teach. He also rocked a demo team performance with an injured arm! To us, this is someone with a true black belt spirit. Congratulations, Ax!