1. Types of Martial Arts Clothing

    Martial arts students wear distinctive clothing. You can always tell someone who is going or coming from a martial arts class from his or her clothing on the street. Becks’ Martial Arts School in Fort Collins is the best martial arts program. We sp…Read More

  2. Lucas Smith Tiger Student of the January/February Cycle

    About Lucas Smith: Lucas is a first grader at Bauder Elementary School. He was first introduced to Taekwondo when Mr. Beck came to his school and was a special instructor in his PE class. Lucas had so much fun he wanted to try Taekwondo out at the s…Read More

  3. What Can Martial Arts Teach You?

    Life is full of hardships. As a kid, you are largely immune to the trials of life, having a very small world consisting first of yourself and then slowly getting larger to include siblings, extended family members, church, school, and then the “rea…Read More

  4. The Benefits of Martial Arts

    Martial Arts is a dynamic sport that challenges all aspects of a person: the mind, body, and spirit. You are trying to not only beat an opponent, but also predict what move they will make next. It takes mental fortitude, stamina, and balance to perfo…Read More

  5. Adult Student of the Cycle – Chuck Hancock

    Adult Student of the Cycle - Chuck Hancock: Chuck, a Florida native, heard the siren song of Colorado in the early 2000’s. Being outdoor enthusiasts, he and his wife fell in love with this beautiful state and put down roots in 2005, spending a few …Read More

  6. Junior Student of the Cycle – Sonoma Hancock

    Junior Student of the Cycle - Sonoma Hancock: Sonoma is a 3rd grader at McGraw Elementary. She began her Taekwondo journey almost two years ago after watching her brother from the sidelines. She loves learning new forms each cycle and frequently work…Read More

  7. Tiger Student of the Cycle – Preston Freehill

    Tiger Student of the Cycle - Preston Freehill: This year Preston started Kindergarten at Traut Core Knowledge Elementary School. He loves P.E. and taking Spanish classes. He has enjoyed making new friends at school, and also being at the big kid scho…Read More