About Calvin Kuhlman: Calvin is a 2nd grader at Bauder Elementary school. He started taekwondo with the Becks at the invitation from a friend only 6 months ago. It has been amazing to watch his transition from Tiger to Junior student. In addition to taekwondo he loves everything baseball – playing, watching, reading about it. He is a friendly, kind and sensitive kiddo who also likes puzzles, many outdoor activities, drawing and painting. He is increasingly responsible and self-motivated. What fun it is to watch his personal growth in both life and taekwondo!

Instructor Notes: Calvin was the obvious choice for this month’s award! During summer, a time when it’s natural for kids to want to relax, Calvin was increasingly dedicated to his training. We were so impressed watching him train harder each week and excelling in his Taekwondo practice. Additionally, Calvin is a very respectful, focused and sweet young man. We’re lucky to have him!