Welcome to the best taekwondo school in Fort Collins! Originating in Korea, taekwondo is the fastest growing and most popular form of martial arts in the world. With a focus on kicks, taekwondo incorporates all self defense skills such as blocks, kicks, and punches. Taekwondo is more than just a physical sport; taekwondo believes in developing the whole person — mental capacity as well as spiritual wellness. Becks Martial Arts emphasizes character development, leadership skills, and community service as an integral part of its martial arts classes and programs.


At Becks Martial Arts, you won’t just learn taekwondo skills. You’ll join an amazing community of support, encouragement, and growth in all aspects of your life. Contact us today to begin your martial arts training!

  1. What Can Martial Arts Teach You?

    Life is full of hardships. As a kid, you are largely immune to the trials of life, having a very small world consisting first of yourself and then slowly getting larger to include siblings, extended family members, church, school, and then the “rea…Read More

  2. Tiger Student of the Cycle – Preston Freehill

    Tiger Student of the Cycle - Preston Freehill: This year Preston started Kindergarten at Traut Core Knowledge Elementary School. He loves P.E. and taking Spanish classes. He has enjoyed making new friends at school, and also being at the big kid scho…Read More

  3. What is Taekwondo?

    Most of us know taekwondo is a martial art form. But what exactly is taekwondo? How does taekwondo differ from other martial arts forms? Becks Martial Arts in Fort Collins offers taekwondo classes for all ages. Contact us today! Originating in Korea,…Read More