1. Lucas Smith Tiger Student of the January/February Cycle

    About Lucas Smith: Lucas is a first grader at Bauder Elementary School. He was first introduced to Taekwondo when Mr. Beck came to his school and was a special instructor in his PE class. Lucas had so much fun he wanted to try Taekwondo out at the s…Read More

  2. Ramon Serrano – Adult Student of the Cycle

    About Ramon Serrano: Ramon was born in Manila, Philippines and was raised in New York City. After graduating from college from SUNY Geneseo and working in various parts of the country, he landed in Denver, Colorado, where he met his wife and started…Read More

  3. Izzy Parks – Junior Student of the Cycle

    About Izzy Parks: Izzy is a 4th grader at Mountain Sage Community School. She started taking taekwondo this last year and has fallen in love with it. Her confidence has skyrocketed as well as her overall athleticism. She loves to push herself in clas…Read More

  4. David Flores-Black Belt Student of the Month

    About David Flores: David Flores is a great husband and father of two daughters. He was born in San Diego, California and joined the Marines when he was 18 years old. He served as an Embassy Guard in Brazil where he met his wife Cecicle. He later gra…Read More

  5. Calvin Kuhlman-Beginner Color Belt Student of the Month

    About Calvin Kuhlman: Calvin is a 2nd grader at Bauder Elementary school. He started taekwondo with the Becks at the invitation from a friend only 6 months ago. It has been amazing to watch his transition from Tiger to Junior student. In addition to …Read More

  6. Connor Bergdolt-Tiny Tiger Student of the Month

    About Connor Bergdolt: This year Connor started as a Kindergartener at Bauder Elementary School. Connor is so excited for school and the ability to go outside and play at recess. After school, Connor has a variety of activities and loves all of them.…Read More

  7. Thom Miller -Adult Student of the Month

    About Thom Miller: Thom works as a software developer but prefers to spend his time playing bass in his band, biking and skateboarding, hanging out with his family, creating amazing art, traveling the world, cooking delicious meals, hiking and campin…Read More