About Connor Bergdolt: This year Connor started as a Kindergartener at Bauder Elementary School. Connor is so excited for school and the ability to go outside and play at recess. After school, Connor has a variety of activities and loves all of them. Connor loves taekwondo, swimming, hockey, riding his bike, building with his Legos, and being a ninja, superhero or stormtrooper. Connor is also an inventor and is constantly coming up with new projects to create with recyclables and tape. Connor is friendly and willing to try everything. He even tells us that he likes to eat his vegetables and fruits because those foods will help him grow stronger every day. Connor started taekwondo because he wanted to be a ninja from Ninjago. Since he started taekwondo Connor has grown in his confidence and will tell everyone how to get away from a stranger that is trying to grab him or a bully. One of the best moments from taekwondo came when Connor broke his first board. He grinned from ear to ear and couldn’t stop talking about it for days. He wanted us to go the store and get a 100 boards so that he could break them all. He even went outside in the backyard and asked what the house was made out of. When the reply was that the house was made out of wood, Connor smiled and said that he could break the house if he wanted to but wouldn’t. Since starting taekwondo Connor is more balanced and confident and he is excited to continue to grow with his taekwondo family. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Beck. Connor has a younger brother and two very proud parents. It has been a blessing to see Connor grow and gain confidence in all that he does.

Instructor Notes: Connor is such a pleasure to have at Becks’ Martial Arts! He is friendly, outgoing and kind to everyone he meets. He is a focused and respectful Taekwondo student for all of his instructors and an equally wonderful person off the mats. He is a devoted older brother who is always watching over Logan and a sweet friend to his peers. Great job, sir!