About David Flores: David Flores is a great husband and father of two daughters. He was born in San Diego, California and joined the Marines when he was 18 years old. He served as an Embassy Guard in Brazil where he met his wife Cecicle. He later graduated from college at UC Berkeley and earned his PhD from the University of Michigan. He now works as a Scientist with the Forest Service in Fort Collins, Colorado. But he says that his greatest accomplishment is recently earning his Black Belt in Taekwondo with his daughters Sophia and Olivia.

Instructor Notes: Mr.Flores has one of the best attitudes at Becks’ Martial Arts! He comes to every class energetic and ready to train hard. He is respectful, motivated and supportive to his classmates. As instructors, it’s always a great day when Mr.Flores is in class, because the energy is the room is certain to be contagiously high. He has always been a wonderful role model to his two daughters-also black belts-and puts them first in life and in Taekwondo. We are very proud of Mr.Flores!