About Emma Neuschwanger:

Emma began her Taekwando journey four years ago with the Becks when she was in Elementary School. Taekwando has been very formative in Emma’s life, teaching her perseverance, patience, hard work, confidence, and fortitude. After class each time, Emma almost always states “that was so fun; I’m so glad I went to class tonight”. Emma is also in 4h and has raised chickens, baked cakes and done sportfishing for the last five years. This last year Emma played volleyball for the first time and her “kiihap” could be heard when she served the ball! One of the most impressive and least known things about Emma is her giving nature. She raised $1340.00 to help a village in Malawi purchase chickens so they could have eggs. Since then “Emma’s chickens” has earned well over $5000.00 and is keeping the village of Engalaweni, Malawi fed with a good source of protein. Emma is studying hard and practicing in hopes of attaining black belt within the year.