Andrew Beck : Chief of Instruction

Andrew Beck has actively pursued his Taekwondo training since 1990. He is a fifth degree black belt in Taekwondo and Moodukkwan, 2021 Grand National poomsae champion and 2011 World Champion in sparring. For the past seven years, Mr. Beck has specialized in teaching children from ages 4 to 17. He strives to serve as a role model, and many parents credit him as a motivator for improved behavior at school and at home. Mr. Beck also enjoys teaching adults and inspiring them to reach their fitness and personal goals. He is the UWTA’s Colorado Regional Director and is always working to expand the practice of Taekwondo in Colorado and Wyoming.

Rebecca Beck : 4th Degree Black Belt

Mrs. Beck has trained in Taekwondo since 1997. In that time, she has broadened her focus by earning four black belts from Kukkiwon, UWTA, ATA, and Taekwondo America. She is 2021 Grand National poomsae champion. Mrs. Beck enjoys leading the fighter fitness program and preparing demo teams to perform in the community. She currently holds the rank of fourth degree Kukkiwon black belt. She loves encouraging her students and seeing their strength and confidence grow.

Ariel Birnbaum : 3rd Degree Black Belt

Ms Ari started her taekwondo training in 2012, and is a fixture on the mats at Becks’. She is 2021 Grand National sparring champion. She is a gifted instructor and dedicated martial artist who competes in every tournament event she is able to. A native to Colorado, she enjoys skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. We are lucky to have Ms Ari in our instructor ranks.

Sehwa Park : 3rd Degree Black Belt

Ms Park began her taekwondo training in 2014. She is 2021 Grand National champion in pair poomsae. She can be seen 6 days a week in her taekwondo uniform, training and teaching on the mats.

What students are saying about Becks’ Martial Arts:

Through the discipline of martial arts, Mr. and Mrs. Beck provide a platform and space for personal growth. The genuinely kind and loving owner/instructors are precisely what you want when you’re looking for long-term teachers…they are both heavily invested in their craft and take the necessary time to provide individual assessments and constructive guidance to help students achieve their personal best. – Joshua Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Beck’s passion for teaching Taekwondo is so evident every day. They bring great energy, commitment and know how to their instruction. My daughter would not have earned her black belt without their commitment to her and the other students. They care genuinely about their students and families, and they truly celebrate their successes. The Becks’ integrity is unmatched; what a great example for our students! We feel very blessed to be part of their Taekwondo school. -Kirstin Kaines

Our experience at Becks’ has been extremely positive and impactful. Our son is motivated and excited about going to class and practicing at home.The studio expectations provide support for success at home and school. The Becks’ teaching is positive and precise. They cultivate a culture of community striving for excellence; the students develop outstanding technique. Teamwork is highly valued (think LOTS of high fives) and there are strong female and male instructors. -Travis Kimball