Junior Instructor Responsibilities:

Leadership students should review our current schedule and select one day a week to assist in classes. Color belt Leadership students may help in Tiger and White-Purple belt classes. Black belt Leadership students may help in any class. Black belts should also expect to teach class segments by themselves.

Please let Mrs.Beck know your availability and then check the current teaching schedule below!

Korean Terminology

Becks’ MA Leadership students should be able to use basic Korean terminology in class. We are currently working on page one of this terminology sheet and reviewing pronunciation during Saturday’s Leadership class. Please have your terminology sheet and a notebook at each class!

Leadership Student Contract

All Leadership students should fill out this student contract and return it to an instructor. Part of becoming a leader in your community is learning how to make commitments to yourself and others and keep them. Our Leadership students always live by the UWTA student oath:

I shall observe the tenets of Taekwondo. I shall never misuse Taekwondo. I shall respect the instructors and seniors. I shall stand for freedom and justice. I shall build a more peaceful world.

Leadership Student Expectations

Please review our Leadership student expectations prior to signing your student contract. When you join Becks’ MA Leadership program, you become part of a supportive, fun and encouraging community. Welcome to the Leadership Wolfpack!

Current Teaching Schedule:

If you cannot make your scheduled teaching day, you must call Mr.Beck at 970-488-9086. Leadership students should arrive at least five minutes early to their scheduled class. Responsibilities include:

Sitting with the students before class and making sure they are waiting with focus and respect. Make sure to introduce yourself!
Make sure each student has signed in prior to class.
Helping Mr. and Mrs. Beck in class by holding pads, making sure students are following directions and correcting technique.
Displaying a positive and encouraging attitude at all times.

Leadership Uniform:

When helping in class, Leadership students should always be wearing their full uniforms. Black belts should wear a black shirt under their dobok top and color belts should wear a white shirt. Your uniform should be clean and odor free. Remember that when you are wearing your specialty uniform, other students are looking up to you as a leader in the school!

Healing Warriors Project

Throughout the month of September, Becks’ Martial Arts is writing thank you cards and collecting donations for Healing Warriors. We will be assembling the care packages on 9/29/18 during Leadership class. Please review all of the attached material and let an instructor know if you have any questions! For more information about healing warriors, visit www.healingwarriorsprogram.org.

2018 Hope Lives Fundraiser: 10.20.2018

All Leadership students are asked to participate in our annual Kickathon. In addition to raising “kicks”, Leadership students will hold pads, count kicks and encourage participants. Please make sure to have this packet printed out and available at every Leadership class.