About Lucas Smith:

Lucas is a first grader at Bauder Elementary School. He was first introduced to Taekwondo when Mr. Beck came to his school and was a special instructor in his PE class. Lucas had so much fun he wanted to try Taekwondo out at the studio. He started Taekwondo in November 2018 and has been loving it ever since.

His favorite classes in school are art, music, and PE. Lucas’s favorite subject in school is math. For fun Lucas like to go swimming and bike riding. Lucas also loves legos. He enjoys going on family camping trips and fishing with his Dad and little brother.

Lucas’s favorite kick in Taekwondo is reverse round kick. He is always talking about how some day he wants to be a black belt just like the Becks. He has learned so much during his time in Taekwondo so far and we are excited to see him grow in confidence and strength over the years.