In Becks’ Martial Arts Tigers, we help young children learn to focus and to show respect. Taekwondo provides a natural and fun avenue to seek improvement in these areas. Many of our students, including those struggling with autism and ADHD, see improvement in focus and respect thanks to taekwondo training. Tigers learn to:

Stand Like a Black Belt: Stand Like a Black Belt: This emphasizes body focus, the ability to stand still when asked. While standing like a black belt, students are also expected to focus on their instructor.

Behave Like a Black Belt: Tigers say “Yes, sir!” and “Yes, ma’am!” with confidence during class. We encourage Tigers to continue behaving like a black belt at home and at school. This includes listening to their parents and teachers and being respectful to their peers and siblings.

Tiger Homework Sheets: Tigers complete homework sheets to ensure they are giving 100% at home and at school. Some homework sheets focus on building good character qualities. For example, for a “good deeds” homework sheet, Tigers record the thoughtful actions they have done for their friends or family over an eight-week testing period.

Rank Advancement: To reward our Tigers for their efforts, we allow them to test every eight weeks. At testing, Tigers break boards, perform self-defense and demonstrate the material they’ve memorized over the eight-week period. Rank advancement is a concrete and wonderful way for parents and students to celebrate their achievements.


Our Junior’s program is designed for kids ages 8-12. While furthering their Taekwondo training, students will grow in focus and discipline. We support parents and teachers by requiring students to complete a signed homework sheet prior to each belt testing. Parents and teachers are given the opportunity to weigh in on whether or not students are demonstrating good character qualities and integrity at home and at school. Students who are diligent about their Taekwondo training can earn their black belts in the course of a few years.

Junior’s Program Features & Benefits: Mr. and Mrs. Beck strive to help students flourish at home and at school. Students learn valuable skills to cope with bullying and peer pressure. Becks’ Martial Arts strongly supports students diagnosed with autism and ADHD. While these students may have struggled or been rejected from other activities, we foster an environment that boosts their self-esteem and improves focus. Juniors are expected to:

Be Respectful: All Becks’ Martial Arts students are expected to treat their instructors, peers and families with respect. We support parents experiencing behavioral issues at home by delaying student testing at the parent’s request until students demonstrate improvement in their behavior.

Memorization: To earn their next rank, students must memorize a series of moves called a form as well as self-defense material. Memorizing content improves their ability to learn at school and to focus on goals.

Anti-Bullying Self-Defense: Bullying is a genuine concern for many parents. Many of our students have either experienced or witnessed bullying at school. BMA staff teaches students practical self-defense so they can safely leave a threatening situation. We also teach them the verbal and emotional skills required to cope with bullying.

Homework Sheets: During the eight-week testing cycle, students must complete a themed homework sheet. Each cycle encourages growth in a different character trait, such as respect, self-control, and integrity. Both a parent and a teacher must sign this sheet, confirming that our students have been demonstrating these traits at home and at school.


Becks’ Martial Arts is very proud of our thriving teen and adult program. Our students experience growth in cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility in a positive environment. Mr. and Mrs. Beck celebrate the successes of students of all ages and abilities. Becks’ Martial Arts fosters a family oriented community where friendships thrive both during and outside of class. Competitive family discounts make it easy for parents and family members of current students to join the fun! Our adult program includes:

Unlimited Evening Classes: Becks’ Martial Arts is working parent friendly! Our flexible class times include five evenings a week and a Saturday morning class to enable our busy adults to continue their training.

Emphasis on Fitness & Flexibility: While Becks’ Martial Arts teaches our adults traditional Taekwondo, we facilitate weight loss and improved flexibility through intensive cardiovascular workouts and stretching.

Self-Defense Instruction: Becks’ Martial Arts teaches practical self-defense and critical awareness skills. Many adults join our programs for this benefit.

Community: Becks’ Martial Arts fosters a welcoming environment where our adults are encouraged and supported. We offer a parents’ booster club and a Facebook group where parents can share ideas, fun pictures and suggestions to improve Becks’ Martial Arts. Join us @BecksTKD!


Leadership is a special program for students ages 8 and up that would like to improve their leadership skills. Becks’ Martial Arts Leadership classes groom students for their futures with an emphasis on public speaking, group management and conflict resolution skills. Students are encouraged to become valuable community members by organizing and participating in community service projects. Becks’ Martial Arts has engaged and met needs in our community by visiting nursing homes, making beds for the homeless, working in community gardens and helping to clean up our neighborhoods. Our annual group fundraiser benefits the local non-profit organization, Hope Lives. Becks’ Martial Arts Leadership classes also include competition and testing training.

Community Service Projects: Each student must select a community service project they are passionate about and organize the entire event. This teaches them time management and how to be in charge of their peers. It also teaches all of our students the importance of giving back to their community. As a group, we have cleaned up our neighborhood, made blankets and mattresses for the homeless, and volunteered at nursing homes, community gardens and marathons. Last year at our annual “kick-a-thon”, we raised six thousand dollars for local non-profit charity Hope lives.

Assisting in Classes: Becks’ Martial Arts Leadership students are taught how to assist in class, boosting confidence while improving their time management skills. Seeing fellow students in a leadership role encourages other students that they can do the same. Public speaking inspires fear in adults and children alike; teaching opportunities give our students confidence when leading a group or speaking in front of a group.

Black belt Leadership students are invited to be guest judges at examinations and tournaments and teach segments of kid’s classes.



Traditional Korean sword training for  students enrolled in Taekwondo.