Kukkiwon and United World Taekwondo Association

As members of Becks’ Martial Arts and United World Taekwondo Association (UWTA), your black belt rank is certified by Kukkiwon. Kukkiwon is a branch of the Korean government and the official governing body for Taekwondo worldwide. To have a black belt that is certified by Korea (the origin of Taekwondo), your organization must be recognized by Kukkiwon. We are very proud to be a part of the UWTA, who is recognized by and works directly with Korea, and to provide our students with Kukkiwon certified black belts. A Kukkiwon Dan, or black belt, certificate is considered the Harvard degree of the Taekwondo world.

Kukkiwon headquarters is located in Seoul, South Korea. They’ve recently completed an amazing new training facility that features dorms, multiple levels or training rooms, hologram free-sparring and state of the art equipment. As Kukkiwon certified black belts, you may train at their facility; what a wonderful Becks’ Martial Arts trip! You are also able to compete and earn titles in Kukkiwon or World Taekwondo (WT) tournaments; WT, or Kukkiwon, Taekwondo, is the only style demonstrated at the Olympics.

When Kukkiwon became the governing body of Taekwondo in the 1970’s, they combined ten different Korean Taekwondo kwans, or different practices of Taekwondo. By unifying these kwans, they solidified and ensured the continuance of traditional Korean Taekwondo. Organizations like UWTA that teach Kukkiwon material and adhere to their guidelines are practicing and teaching Taekwondo that is both regulated and approved by Korea.

Kukkiwon is also an integral part of the Korean university system. Taekwondo is a college major and Kukkiwon advisors can earn PhDs in Taekwondo. Kukkiwon advisors do research and publish findings in the Journals of Kukkiwon which create standards for Kukkiwon and organizations like UWTA.

The UWTA was founded in 1992 by Grand Master Clinton Robinson and Grand Master Jong H. Lee, who migrated from Korea in 1968 to bring Taekwondo to America. The UWTA is affiliated with these important Taekwondo organizations: Kukkiwon, Amateur Athletic Union, World Taekwondo Federation, USA Taekwondo( (the national governing body of U.S. Taekwondo), World Taekwondo Masters Union and Pan American MooDukKwan.

UWTA leadership travels yearly to Korea to ensure that our schools are in compliance with Kukkiwon standards and are offering the most current curriculum possible. UWTA Founder Grandmaster Clinton S. Robinson and UWTA Secretary General Grand Master Jack Corrie sit on the Kukkiwon’s worldwide organization, The World Taekwondo Masters Union. UWTA leaders also study the Journals of Kukkiwon to solidify UWTA standards on technique.

For more information about UWTA, please visit www.uwta.org

For more information about Kukkiwon as the official governing body of Taekwondo worldwide, please visit www.kukkiwon.or.kr