1. Literally changed his life

    Mr. and Mrs. Beck are the most phenomenal instructors. I am proud to have them as role models to my son as he learns the value of honesty, respect, and integrity in every interaction them. Martial Arts has provided structure and a physical outlet that has literally changed his life. I have joined the program, as well, not only for the amazing workouts, but for the community that the Becks are buil…Read More

    Amanda Gale Lane
  2. We love being part of this community!

    We've had our son training with Mr Beck and Mrs Bekki for about a year and a half now. The quality of training you receive from them is top notch! Our son has gained so much self respect, self control and confidence! They truly take the time to get to know each child and their family. We love being part of this community!…Read More

    Lydia Baker
  3. Positive family environment!

    Mr. and Mrs. Beck provide such a positive family environment! Our family has been training with the Becks for two years. It's great to watch them pass on what they have learned... and they are seriously incredible martial artists! I don't know that I've ever seen anything quite like it. Their ability to connect and instruct students of all ages is very inspiring. It's clear they truly believe and …Read More

    Matthew Koerner
  4. Wonderful people with much to offer and teach

    You would have to search far and wide to fine more knowledgeable and committed instructors. Wonderful people with much to offer and teach. You will be delighted with your choice.…Read More

    Nancy Bolton Beck
  5. Becks’ Martial Arts is THE BEST!!

    Becks' Martial Arts is THE BEST!! To get the best possible training in anything, you need to be trained by those who have their heart in it. At Becks’ that is exactly what you’ll find. They care about each and every student and make sure they’re getting the training they need. My son is a better person BECAUSE of Becks’ Martial Arts.…Read More

    Kevin Baker
  6. I highly recommend Becks Martial Arts to anyone

    The Beck's are amazing instructors who guided my son through getting his black belt. Not only does their passion for martial arts and teaching show strongly. Their kindness, warmth, and much more, quickly make them become your Tae Kwon Do family. I highly recommend Becks Martial Arts to anyone wanting to learn this sport.…Read More

    Pam McCulloch
  7. Wonderful people!

    I've know the Beck's for several years now and they are truly wonderful people! They were gracious enough to let me hold an event in their studio and with their help it was a tremendous success. I am truly in awe of their selflessness and their sense of community. They work magic with kids instilling confidence and caring along with a sense of self. All very important. You all Rock!…Read More

    Melissa Shrader
  8. Phenomenal instructors

    Mr. and Mrs. Beck are phenomenal instructors who are dedicated to every student and their families. They have been instructing my daughter for three years and who she has become is largely due to the self-confidence and strength that they have instilled in her.…Read More

    Lynn Talty Carsrud
  9. Best experience ever!

    These instructors aren’t only the best at what they do, but they are incredible people. From day one they treat you as family. Best experience ever!…Read More

    Kim Henderson
  10. Thank you both for being you!

    Thank you both for being you! Your patience with the kids while teaching them martial arts and the discipline that goes with it is unparalleled!…Read More

    Vicki Ziethlow Caldwell