1. Great job working with kids of all ages

    The Becks do a great job working with kids of all ages, promoting good community values with humor and fun.…Read More

    Scarlett Gemm
  2. Masters at their craft

    Most people, when faced with a slew of kids under the age of seven, just try and maintain the chaos. Mr. and Mrs. Beck are not only masters at their craft, but also exceptional at leading children in being respectful and in developing self-discipline. With humor and strength, my child has learned not only how to protect herself, but also how to “be a better person” (in her words).…Read More

    Tara L Morton
  3. Best martial arts instructors in town.

    The Becks are, hands down, the best martial arts instructors in town. They’re enthusiastic about their jobs and so patient with the students! My kids have been lucky enough to be taught by the Becks for over three years now. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to start or continue their martial arts practice.…Read More

    Cassandra Licon
  4. We’re forever grateful.

    We’ve been with the Becks for nearly three years, and they’ve changed our lives. They’ve not only taught my son the art of Taekwondo, but what it means to be committed and disciplined, respectful and kind. As a single parent when we joined, I was searching for a positive activity for my son. I didn’t know we’d find our village. We’re forever grateful.…Read More

    Kathleen Evans Porterfield
  5. I have benefited in so many immeasurable positive ways!

    You will be hard pressed to find a better martial arts experience anywhere in Fort Collins, the state of Colorado, or even the country for that matter. Mr. and Mrs. Beck are true master’s at what they do, and my family and I have benefited in so many immeasurable positive ways since beginning Taekwondo with them 4 years ago. The pride, love, and respect they have for their students shines bright…Read More

    Jessica Quadri
  6. Great instructors and better human beings.

    The Becks have instructed my son for three years or so and thanks to their patience and caring he is becoming quite the young man. I have followed them for about 2 years now and I accredit my being a better man, father and husband in part to them and their teaching. Great instructors and better human beings.…Read More

    James Clark
  7. Come Check It Out!

    Our son showed an interest in Taekwondo and, lucky for us, we found The Becks -- and his casual interest has turned into a serious commitment. The Becks teach so much more than just the physical form of Taekwondo. They teach about discipline, integrity and being a positive force in the world. The Becks have a passion for what they do and are now starting a school of their very own -- come check it…Read More

    Sue Unkenholz
  8. Your Body and Mind Will Thank You!

    I've been training with the Beck's for two years now and love it. My son has been training with them for three years and my daughter for one. Doing taekwondo as a family has been a great way to spend time with each other, learn together, and challenge each other. After many years of yoga, the flexibility and fitness I've found with martial arts has taken my strength, balance, coordination, and com…Read More

    Chuck Hancock