Tiger Student of the Cycle – Preston Freehill:

This year Preston started Kindergarten at Traut Core Knowledge Elementary School. He loves P.E. and taking Spanish classes. He has enjoyed making new friends at school, and also being at the big kid school with his sister Autumn.

Preston loves to do things with his Dad. Their favorite activities include mowing the lawn, playing catch, and going fishing! He also enjoys playing cars with his sister, trains, and monster trucks. Jumping on the trampoline, hanging out with friends, and practicing his Taekwondo moves are some of his favorite activities.

Preston loves to bake cookies with Mama! (So he can have bites of cookie dough!) Some of his other favorite foods are cheese bunnies, yogurt, and fruit snacks. His favorite movie is The Grinch, and he loves to visit the Bass Pro Shops.

Since starting his martial arts training at Beck’s Preston has gained so much confidence in himself. He looks forward to his classes, and wants to go every day! His biggest accomplishment to date is that he has broken two boards using his jumping sidekick and palm heel strike. We look forward to watching him grow his skills and confidence as he continues learning from the Beck’s.