Martial arts students wear distinctive clothing. You can always tell someone who is going or coming from a martial arts class from his or her clothing on the street. Becks’ Martial Arts School in Fort Collins is the best martial arts program. We specialize in Kukkiwon taekwondo for all ages. We instill character values, as well as emphasize the importance of community service to all of our martial arts students. We also require our martial arts students to wear a certain uniform when they are in class and/or participating in martial arts in some fashion. Below, we’ll review what types of martial arts clothes are worn and why. Contact us today to get started!


A martial arts uniform is different for every martial art form. This has developed because different martial arts have different needs.

The Taekwondo Uniform

Let’s start with our own taekwondo uniform. The taekwondo uniform has evolved from the Karate gi (the name for their uniform), which is no surprise since taekwondo has a heavy karate influence. Known as the dobok, the top part is more like a shirt rather than a jacket with a v-neck. This was adopted so taekwondo students could execute their well-known strikes without having to worry about a jacket falling open or otherwise becoming undone. Taekwondo uniforms vary by color, style and weight. The only rule is that only black belts can wear black v-neck collared shirts. This is what distinguishes them as such.

The Karate Gi

The karate gi has different shirt types to more suit the student’s needs and tastes. Some are pull-overs, while some are more traditional with a jacket as their shirt. Pants are loose-fitting, which makes kicking and moving easy, as well as makes the clothes breathable, which is nice when it’s hot out. The pants are secured in place by the karate belt, which is different colors based on ranking. Colors can vary, and there are no hard and fast rules on which color to wear, although white is the most popular.

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) gi closely resembles Judo’s gi since BJJ is derived largely from Judo. In fact, a Judo gi is acceptable to train in for a BJJ class. The BJJ jacket fits tight to the body with a shorter skirt so the fighter’s uniform can not be used against them in a battle. The sleeves are also shorter and narrower than others. Different colors are widely worn. Pants can be padded, especially in the knees, since throws, takedowns, and grappling is incorporated. Loose pants are emphasized as well.


Becks’ Martial Arts is the best martial arts school in Fort Collins. With a wide variety of martial arts classes, the entire family can get involved. We teach our students how to show respect and how to focus. Discipline is key in martial arts training, which translates into all aspects of life. With Becks’ Martial Arts, you can be guaranteed your child will learn, grow, and have fun. Contact us today!