Are you looking for a top-of-the-line martial arts school but are unsure what to look for? Becks Martial Arts School in Fort Collins specializes in the martial art form of tae kwon do. In this blog post, we’ll offer up tips for what to look for when choosing a great martial arts school. Contact us today!


  • Martial arts curriculum. Choose a school based on what you are looking for in a martial arts program. Ask yourself what your goals are and what you hope to accomplish with the program. Is your main goal self-defense? Are you competitive? Do you want to train with weapons? Narrow down which martial art forms interest you and then go take a free introductory class at each to decide which is the best.
  • Reviews. Most often, people start martial arts programs and choose a martial arts school based off word-of-mouth recommendations or online reviews. Recommendations and reviews fill in the gaps left by a martial art website and will tell you the truth about what they like about it and what they don’t.
  • Community. When you visit your list of martial arts schools, take note of those in the classes. Do they look like you or are they professional fighters? Are you greeted promptly when arriving? Is the martial arts school busy? Can you see yourself fitting in at that school? You’ll want to choose a martial arts school that has a strong community, both internal and external. Connections with others is what makes martial arts fun.
  • Instructors. Meeting and visiting with the martial arts instructors will be invaluable to your decision-making process. Do you feel comfortable with them? Are they knowledgeable about their martial art form? Do they themselves take classes there? What is their educational background with regard to martial arts? You’ll want instructors who have experience and are personable to be around.

Becks Martial Arts in Fort Collins is a Kukkiwon Tae Kwon Do martial arts school. We offer classes for the whole family from ages 4 to 84. We take a holistic approach to martial arts training, developing the mind and soul as well as the body. We pride ourselves on our leadership training, character development, and instilling real-world values that are useful outside our four walls. If you or anyone you know is interested in martial arts training, contact Becks Martial Arts today for a free introductory class!